I am sure you have heard of the saying, “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.” Another saying you might have come across is,“Don’t bring me problems bring me solutions.”

Well, how does this sound, the solution is – “I am leaving because the problem is you are an asshole,” or, “I am part of the solution – good bye.”

If one can’t understand or see the issues and problems than how are they expected to see the solutions?

It is only through communication with others that we are able to first recognize if there is a  problem – and secondly – to arrive at some form of acceptance that things might need to change.

Non-communication is definitely a sign of a problem. The quick solution is to start talking about it.

So just stating, “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions” will not accomplish anything except more problems. Lots of people will not recognize there is a problem in the first place, or if they do have a problem they may not acknowledge they need to get some support with how to solve it.

Whatever the issues are that one needs to deal with – big or small – we all need support. If one could solve the problem on their own there would be no need to tell others because there would be no problem.

When someone reaches out to you they are simply seeking your support or advice – yet often what they really  need if just for you to listen. You might not be asked or expected to come up with the solution. Sometimes we just need someone to listen and say nothing.

So the next time you hear someone saying, “Don’t bring me problems, bring me the solutions” – the real problem is you are either working with or living with an asshole.

Who do you need to talk to, or who do you need to listen to today?

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