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I got the opportunity to go and see His Holiness the 14th.  Dali Lama, I must say I was very taken by his beautiful words.  I thought I would share with you some of what I heard and the elements that struck me the most.  For those of you who may have never heard his voice he is a very quietly and peaceful spoken man who breaks into laughter every so often.  His words are well chosen and simple in context with great emphasis to communicate and educate others.  Demonstrating compassion in what we do and eagerness to learn and to listen to those who we may be in conflict with.  So that we can understand, learn and move towards better harmony in our lives.  There must have been well over 20,000 people in the audience and one could hear a pin drop as he spoke.

His Holiness started with, we all seem to strive for happiness in our lives and this is obtainable and the right of all people.  We are no different from our neighbours who share this planet with us.  Respect for those who may believe in other ways and religions and for those who maybe non believers.  For no matter what religion you may believe in we are all striving for the same things and each religions seeks compassion, love and sharing with mankind.

Education starting with the very young in the ways of listening to differences and wanting only well for others is critical if future generations are to create better lives for all.  Eliminating the gaps between rich and poor, human suffering, communities and country conflicts of war.  Ten years have nearly passed in this 21st century and we must not neglect the learning from the past centuries.  We have been passive bystanders’ and negligent in taking the learning to ensure we do not commit the same atrocities as in the 20th century.

The negative thinking of the me, my, I and greed are destructive to us personally and to our neighbours. Mankind have through its greed created destructions in our world.  Humility and compassion towards others is what is required, promoting dialog and discussion to gain understanding.  Destructive actions will harm both those who are creating them and you in the long term if not prevented.

The power of truth will always succeed in life and must be practiced.

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