The number of individuals that abuse their positional power continues to strive. Be that in the work place, the home, an association, the community or the government.  This behaviour is not new, what these individuals seem to forget is that without their position they have nothing. Take away their position and see how they operate, they fail to lead and they fade into the background. We only remember those who use their personal influence.

In business a good manager listens and pays attention to what is going on around them. They ensure that their own learning is greater than or equal to the changes that are taking place within their environment.  They actively demonstrate and show leadership within their role. It is how they behave towards others and not what they say that encourages you to support them. They are fair in their approach and look to develop the capabilities they see within others. They are not interested in their positions only in the responsibilities of their role. They serve others at the table they do not sit at the table to be served.

Whatever position you may hold no matter how big or small, then lead and demonstrate the values that you wish to see within your environment, don’t wait to be served.

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