Politics – what a waste of energy !

"You can turn around"

As most Governments will run their full term why is it that the political parties in most counties are concentrating on how to get whichever party who are currently in Government out of power instead of what might be best for their citizens?  Why are they not working together for the betterment of the economic position to support their citizens? One would think that given the current conditions of counties who are suffering today this might be every politician’s priority instead of the individual greed and personal interest.  One party is trying to stay in power and the other side trying to get into power.

What happened to lets sort out the mess first and deal with who caused it later.  What happened to working together and all the stuff that they preach but never seem to implement within their own parties?  Maybe the politicians might learn something from working together and with each other, maybe the country might be a far better place for the future, just maybe their egos could take a back seat just for once.

In who’s interest are these power struggle games that they are playing, definitely not in the interest of the citizens.  What a waste of energy and lack of common sense.

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