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Poetry Just for You


My new book Poetry Just for You will be published as an eBook and in print format in the coming weeks.  To support this release I would like to share this poem with you.  I wrote this poem several years ago with my three sons in mind. As their Dad I am very proud of each of them and I am happy to say they are all playing life’s games.

“Play Life’s Game”

When I am worried I cannot write

I think and worry about the kids each night

Yet so young and they think they are old

Big enough not to do what they are told

With each year they become so big

Always wanting to do their own gig

As a parent they will never know

How difficult it is to let them go

Why do you worry in this day and age

Each day they grow exploring another stage

Yet I worry all the time

Because I want to protect them as they are mine

So when does this pain go away or awful fright

That something may happen to them one night

When I was young I was just the same

So let them go to play life’s game

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    1. Hi David, Thanks for the comment, I wrote this with my boys in mind many years ago.Now they are playing life’s games on their own. Kind Regards, Mel

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