Please do not disturb – I am on my laptop

I am on my Laptop

Sitting in the Coffee and Chocolate Café in downtown on a beautiful sunny morning, while I wrote it reminded me of the song by Stealers Wheel and the words Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right stuck in the middle with you. Why because to my left of me sat three men all busy working on their laptops.  There was also one young lady with a book titled “Art & Fear, her pen in hand marking pages and writing about the chapters, what a beautiful sight.  To my right sat three other men with their laptops and guess what another young lady with a book reading and writing.

Coffee shops are supposed to be places of meeting people good conversation and discussion.  But not here as all the people with their laptops may as well of had a sign saying “please do not disturb” they were busy connecting to the world outside.  It would be easy to say to the young ladies reading their books “what are you reading is it of interest” and guess what we have a conversation going.

Then two men walked in and sat down with their coffee and just started talking and having a conversation and laughing what a beautiful sound of conversation.  I do have to say I have often sat in coffee shops on my own laptop – but I think now I will make more of an effort to bring back the art of discussion and conversation.

Remove your “please do not disturb sign”

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