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February 2024


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Personal Accountability

Why do Irish politicians not accept personal accountability for their actions in public life?

Look at the recent events and scandals with semi-state spending, expenses and decision on infrastructure projects, and the enormous over-spends and wastage. Yet not one public employee or minister has been fired.


It is a shame on those who know what the right position is to take,  yet do not have the courage to make those decisions or take action. They make all the excuses – and hide behind legal advice.

Thankfully, I still believe there are other legal people that would offer different advice  and take the  right course of action.

One’s charter is one of the most important things in your life. Our current politicians (with no emphasis on any particular party) have a lot to answer for yet not one of them will accept accountability and take action.

All I can say is – you have failed to fulfill your commitment to the people that you serve.

Failure to stand up and do what is right is a failure of leadership.

Recently a CEO within an organisation was directly informed of an employee at management level who was dishonest. His behaviour was totally unprofessional and he bullied individuals, yet the CEO failed to do the right thing, failed to take action and demonstrate that such behaviour was not acceptable or to be tolerated within their organisation.

What a weakness in their leadership. What does this demonstrate to others within the organisation,  except that it is OK to behave like this, that this behaviour is acceptable?

This is just a small example, but when our politicians are doing the same thing – then what is the culture they create within our society?

How come they expect others in society to be accountable for their actions and behaviours but not them?

Find me an honest politician and you will find a true leader that people will respect and follow.


Because they will be accountable. When the time comes they will do the right things.

I had finished writing this blog when I heard on the radio that George Lee resigned from politics for his own reasons. And most of the people have commented on his honesty and willingness to create changes.

I don’t know George Lee at all, but here is a man that has taken accountability for his own decisions and stood up to be counted. If there were only others like him, who stated, “Yes there is something very wrong with the systems we have.”

I have also heard on the radio some of the negative comments about his decision.

If you are not honest with yourself – who can you be honest with?

Do you accept accountability for your actions?

Remember – what gets honoured in an organisation or country – gets done.

Where is your personal leadership and dignity for yourself?

2 comments to Personal Accountability

  • i am regularly bumping across the internet nearly all of the time hence I have a propensity to peruse a whole lot, which is not typically a beneficial factor as a great number of the blogs I discover are constructed of pointless rubbish copied from different web sites a thousand times, however I have to compliment you because this page is in reality enjoyable and also has got a bit of authentic content, therefore cheers for splitting the phenomena of basically duplicating other folks’ sites, see ya!

  • melclifford

    Dear Twilight Movie

    Many thanks for taking the time to visit my site and read my blogs Thanks you for your kind comments on the authentic content. I hope to see you back again and read your comments. For it is the readers that give me the interst to continue to read.
    Kind Regards

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