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What gets honoured in a country gets created –Plato

Never a truer word, what gets honoured in a Company also gets created.  Organisational culture is created by those in leadership roles.  Their behaviours and attitude reflects on what will happen in a business and how employees, clients and suppliers are treated.  Sometimes well meaning but often driven by individuals egos and then replicated by those whom believe the only way to survive in the Company is by following those behaviours of those in charge.

To justify their action they use words like “if you can’t stand the heat” “this is business so toughen up or ship out” and so on.  The reality is most senior managers/Directors dislike the culture they operate within but stay in their position because of the financial aspects or because of their long term conditioning would not find a job elsewhere as their behaviour would not be accepted.  Often they don’t have the courage to say this is wrong and individuals should not be treated in such a fashion.

So if you hold a leadership position – watch your ego

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