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Networking –What have you got to say?

I shared with you two blog post of extracts from Harvey Mackay book entitled DIG YOUR WELL BEFORE YOU’RE THIRSTY- THE ONLY NETWORKING BOOK YOU’LL EVER NEED.  I thought I would share some of his quotes contained within his book.   Some of them may strike a chord with you.

Like any new behaviour, the more you practice the skills of networking, the easier it gets.

Up the proverbial creek?  If you’ve got a network you’ve always got a paddle.

No matter how smart you are, no matter how talented, you can’t do it alone.

Networking may not be rocket science, but studies prove it works for rocket scientists.

Your car just gets you to work. Your network can determine whether or not you’ve got work to get to.

Before you meet new people, before you make that call, do your homework.  Find that common ground.  Determine where their needs and interest lie.  Make that connection.

It does not matter how they remember you, but it’s more important that they do remember you.

Your best network will develop from what you do best.

People aren’t strangers if you’ve already met them.  The trick is to meet them before you need their help.

Networks may not be for members only, but they are surely for members first.

Keeping a Rolodex is a lot like getting dressed in the morning.  It doesn’t matter so much how you do it, it just matters that you do it.

There are no dead-end jobs.  There are only dean-end people.  If you build a network, you will have a bridge to wherever you want to go.

In networking, you’re only as good as what you give away.

It takes years to become an overnight success.

The wise person isn’t the one who makes the fewest mistakes.  It’s the one who learns the most from them.

In a world where information jobs and even whole companies are transient, only your network is permanent.  Safeguard it.

Just because you are not working doesn’t mean nobody’s talking about you.

You don’t have to have the resources of a national treasury to strike gold as a networker.

Two things people never forget: Those who were caring to them when they were at a low point, and those who weren’t.  Elevators go up and down

Are you building your network?

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