Not even one sighting, a ransom note, or a phone call from the bastard(s).

Yes, it is almost a week now since the fecker(s) stole my bicycle from outside the Train Station (pub).

I am starting to wonder, has my bike cycled away from home?

Has this situation moved from a crime of stealing, to a missing bike scenario?

Should I be placing posters on the lamp posts with a photograph, (even though I don’t actually have any photos of my bike) like if my cat had gone missing (for those of you who may be worried, the cats are fine).

Should I make an appeal on TV, offer a reward?

Has Mels’ bike gone and joined a traveling circus?

Following its dream to be a unicycle on the high wire above the amazed crowd below. Shouting their ohhhhh! and aaaa’s, as the daring act takes place. Or joined a tandem, to form a three-piece band and go on tour in France. Travelling as “The Raleigh Boys”, “The Saddle Bags” or “The Cannondales”– who knows.

Crazy thoughts but still no word.

A week nearly gone since I was cycling with my hair flowing in the wind and a song in the air. Only the sound of heavy traffic all around me and the faint jingle of my little red bear bell, warning any wandering bears nearby to get lost. Back into the wilderness to chew on some berries rather than me.

The mystery goes on – a full week now.

Please keep your eyes peeled, there is always hope, right Bob?

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