Message in a Hostel

One week on, Alistair and Nora are still on speaking terms.  The Yellow Brick road has taken them to a Hostel in the middle of, yes you guessed it nowhere. Far far away from the city of OZ and many more miles to go.  Arriving in late and in a new time zone the nights were their days and the days their nights.  After a short adventure to gather their bearings, even though the location was some distance from OZ it haled beautiful views of the waterfront and the mountains stretching up to the sky.

They haven’t met the tin man get but they have seen a few scare crows around the place, especially travelling through the East Side of the Yellow Brick road. After a few days and sleepless nights Alistair and Nora moved into their new Hostel in a  place called “Downtown” – well if you have a loan of a cat, any size will do, they could put it to the test.  I don’t think the cat would do well from this exercise except a swore and very much bruised head.

How big is the room

Getting use to the little man at the traffic lights was difficult for Nora, everyone waits until he says go but not Nora, waiting around just standing there seemed a waste of time.  Well after three police cautions and a J walking ticket Nora has decided to wait with all the other orderly Munchkins.

Apart from the noise of the Munchkins going about their business both day and night, yesterday two of the remaining three mice moved out of the Hostel.  Today so will Alistair and Nora and try and find a new Hostel along the Yellow Brick road.   To continue their journey they are currently busy filling out all sorts of local documentation to enable them to travel along the road – it is very likely they will meet Mr Lion or even Mr Bear shortly.

Remember courage and risk that is what it is all about – follow your yellow brick road

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