Message from a Hostel – Gator what?

Gator Trail My Ass

Deep in the south of Yankee Doodle land they have their Gators, they farm them, they fish them, they parade them for the tourist, they stick them on their football shirts they skin them and they eat them.  Gator tail on special here at Turkey Trail Bar was the big sign.  Uncles B truck took a sharp turn to the right and before Alastair and Nora knew it they were sitting at a large table in Turkey Trail Bar reading the menu.  Sure enough Gator Trail was there in black and white, Can I get ye all some drinks asked the lovely waitress– beers all round said uncle B and a large portion of Gator Tailsure thing sir coming right back at ye

Ye haw said Alistair (Alistair like Nora was staring to pick up the local lingo) as Nora’s face went into one of this I am not eat that when it appears features.  Sure enough within 10 minutes the beers and Gator trail was on the table with a large bottle of some hot sauce planted beside it.  Ye enjoy now ye hear said the waitress or bon appite as they say in EU land.  Tuck in there Nora said auntie M – ha no thanks replied Nora I will this a miss and wait for my salad and in the next breath did I mention I was thinking of becoming a vegetarian.  No said Auntie M when did this come about – oh said Nora just recently.

As Nora turned her head there was Alistair licking his lips and tucking into some more Gator tail.  It tastes like calamari only a bit more on the chewy side you should really try some Nora says Alistair.  Suddenly Alistair foot began to feel very painful as some other person’s foot landed on it.  Ah no Alistair you seem to be stuffing your face and enjoying it work away replied Nora.  This is really awesome said Alistair –who was now leading the way in the local Yankee Doodle accent competition.  Ah well I see they have snake soup on the menu Nora said Alistair sure you might try some of that, I think snakes are vegetarian.

I think it s time we got back on the Yellow Brick Road thought Nora to herself – it might be better for Alistair’s therapy session as his twitching eye was not improving.

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