Message from a Hostel – Yes, they were beheaded my King

Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury, being an educated man, knew that there was more to these two witches, whom he had encountered at the shed.  He was also going to get to the bottom of that strange piece of machinery(the Higulator), which he had ordered to be removed. Archbishop Cranmer was fascinated with witchcraft and the possibilities of understanding their secret magic.  He had reason to be fearful of the female powers to corrupt King Henry VIII and his Kingdom.   The Archbishop knew by their language and manner he was not dealing with witches like he had come across before. He would tread carefully with this pair.

When he arrived back at Windsor Castle, he gave orders for the soldiers to have both the Manager and Nora taken to his residency. Locked in one of his special cells on their own. Archbishop Thomas Cranmer went on to visit the King. He would conduct further integration into their magic on his return.

“Your Majesty I hope you have recovered from your fall?” asked Archbishop Cranmer.

“Yes Archbishop.  I have fallen many times from my horse, I am use to such falls,” replied King Henry VIII.

“Mostly on your head.” muttered Thomas Cranmer under his breath.

“Well that’s good, my King you are well. I am sure Queen Catherine will be glad to know you are uninjured.

“Speaking of Queen Catherine, any news back from old red socks in Rome,” asked Henry VIII.

“Nay your Majesty, but I am confident we will hear good news.”

“Thomas, you better get the right answers out of Rome, because Wolsey couldn’t, shouted Henry VIII.

I must go now and see about the two females that caused your fall my Lord. May I take my leave,” asked Archbishop Cranmer.

“Females, Archbishop.  I thought they were two peasant men.”

“Well my king you are quite right.  At first we thought they were just peasant men. On further investigation they identified themselves as ladies. One of them shouting something about headlights. Whatever that mean Your Majesty, I am still very unclear,” Archbishop Cranmer informed the King.

“Thrown from my horse by two women, I shall be the laughing stock of all France if they ever hear such a story.  You beheaded them both, on the spot they stood for their actions?” demanded Henry VIII.

Not wanting to offend the king and put himself in bad favour like Wolsey before him. Archbishop Cranmer replied. “Yes  they were beheaded my King, that is what I ordered. I will go and ensure their bodies were thrown to the crows your Majesty.”

On given leave from the Kings presence, Archbishop Cranmer quickly returned to his private residence.

In the meantime, both Nora and the Manager were locked in a cell. “Well Nora, I feel we might be, as the Queen of feckin everything would say, ‘Kerf**ka.  The Doc’s shed burned to the ground. The Higulator was taken away by soldiers,” said the Manger.

“It could be worse,” replied Nora.

“Worse Nora, how worse could it get?”

“It would be feckin snowing back in 2013 and poor old Alistair would be shovelling snow on his own,” laughed Nora.

“Well I suppose all we can do is laugh Nora.”

Suddenly, the door swung open and Archbishop Cranmer entered the room accompanied by two soldiers.

To be continued…..

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