Message from a Hostel – Why do we need a Director Role

I'm the Director

After writing about the importance of having a clear direction last week I think Nora got the meaning of this a little lopsided.  “Well Alistair you can go to a show on your own that you would like, I will Nora but why can I go to this one with you?  Well Alistair you would not like Dali and the Music of Dance and another thing there is only one seat left in the second row.  Ok Nora I will go to one of those shows with penalty of girlies in them, certainly not Alistair why don’t you go to something like a boys movie or a Walt Disney show, Ok Nora, where all the girlies dress up in Disney character costumes.  No Alistair, but it seems to me Nora that OZ is full of these type of shows.  Yes Alistair but we are moving to the other side of town where there aren’t so many theatres with the Disney Girly shows.  Do we have to move again Nora, yes Alistair we have to move again.  I think you are becoming very bossy Nora, Alistair is not bossy its directional, every good play or drama has a good Director and I am the Director on the Yellow Brick road, otherwise we would be up the garden path as they say”.

This will be the 9th Hostel Alistair and Nora will have stayed in, now some of them they would not even get called a hostel more like a cupboard in the corner of a building.  OZ rental property is very expenses and short term rents are hard to come by except if you rent a room in one of the Munchkins houses.  Even then the Munchkin students have taken them all as this is the start of the new College term.

In OZ Alistair and Nora have come across what is known as HST, no not HRT it is HST (Harmonised Sales Tax).  One can’t go anywhere or buy anything and HST is there.  You see a price for a coffee and its $3.55 and when you get the bill its $4.02.  When Alistair mentions to the Munchkin Coffee shop owner the menu states it is only $3.55 to which he replies “that’s HST my friend pay it and weep, welcome to the land of OZ”. All the local Munchkins are complaining about this HST and writing to the wicked Government in the West.  Wait till Alistair and Nora meets the Great Wizard they will also have a few words to say about this HST malarkey.

So its lets go North East along the Yellow Brick road where they might meet the Tin Man, if things get any worse Alistair will be the tin man (he hopes).  This week after sending off all the official documents to the Great Wizard of OZ both Alistair and Nora can travel further along the Yellow Brick road to discover new opportunities and meet new Munchkins.

So nothing ventured nothing gained – now that we have the Director role well established

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