Message from a hostel – Where’s me trousers?

I do

Nora did you see my good trousers anywhere? They are in the wardrobe with your other pair of jeans Alistair. Thanks Nora, is my good shirt ironed? No Alistair, you know where the iron is kept and the ironing board.  Nora did you pick up my good jacket from the dry cleaners?  No Alistair, you said you would pick it up yesterday after you went for a pint with Doc and Ben.

Nora where are my good shoes? Your fancy shoes that the lovely boss lady smuggled back over the border for you or your Crocs Alistair? – My fancy ones of course, Nora it’s a special occasion today.  They are in the bottom of the wardrobe beside your Crocs Alistair. Thanks Nora you are the business.

Alistair what are you at and where are you going today all dressed up in your good gear?  I am getting married Nora. Holy feck Alistair I almost forgot, where is my feckin wedding dress? How the feck am I suppose to know Nora, I don’t even know what it looks like.

By the way Nora I see the Manager coming up the street with the Hello Magazine people, see you later Nora.

Alistair, Alistair have you seen my ……….

We Did

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