Message from a Hostel – What’s on the TV?

Analog & Anagone

Alistair were you messing with the stations on the TV? No Nora I haven’t touched it why,  I can’t seem to get anything tuned in.  Nora try adjusting the rabbit ears, here hold onto them now.  Move a little to the left, a wee bit more, now try holding them up higher.  Any picture yet Alistair?  Nothing yet Nora – oh! wait something happened when you move to standing on one leg.  Try that again just hold the rabbit ears up higher and stand on your one leg only.  I think I am starting to see Global News Nora.

Alistair is the picture any good now? Sorry Nora nothing it is all gone snowy again.  Nora try lowering them towards the floor and back towards the window at the same time.  That’s it Nora keep bending down.  Oh I think I am seeing something now.  What do you see Alistair?  Are wearing my good Superman underpants Nora?.You little fecker Alistair it’s the TV I want to get working. 

Nora I think the TV is knackered – we are finally in the age of digital.  So long to our old rabbit ears and the age of analog.

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