Message from a Hostel – What sound?

“Alistair what’s that whirring sound I hear?”  Nora asked as they travelled along the road.

“What sound Nora” replied Alistair?

“That whirring sound coming from the front of the Shebeen.  Don’t tell me you can’t hear it,” said Nora.

“Oh!  That whirring sound that just started about a mile back,” answered Alistair.

“It’s just something going around and making a whirring sound as it goes around Nora, no need to worry…… yet”

“Does that sound have something to do with why the Shebeen is just chugging along?” asked Nora

“Could be Nora, let’s not think about it and it might go away,” said Alistair.

“Where are we now Alastair?” asked Nora.

I think somewhere between by the time we get to Phoenix she will be rising and by the time she gets to Albuquerque she will be working,” sang Alistair.

“You mean Alistair that from here it’s a long way to Tipperary.  It’s a long way from Home. In fact from here is a long way from any feckin where,” said Nora.

“Well Nora, I would not put it quite like that but, country road take me home to a place I belong,  West Monaghan, Mullyash Mountain, take me home,” Alistair continued to sing.

“Big wheels keep on turning, carry us home to meet our kin, sweet home Kelowna where the skies are so blue and Cockney Johnny has his car shop.  Lord, I am coming home to you,” sang Nora

“Oh! look Alistair smoke.”

“No worries Nora, that’s just fog,” replied Alistair.

“Feckin right Alistair, fog coming from the front of the Shebeen” replied Nora.

“Maybe I’ll pull over till the fog clears Nora,” said Alistair.

I’ll make a nice cup of tea, shall I Alistair?

That would be lovely Nora, said Alistair

To be continued……..

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