Message from a Hostel – Up there for Thinking

Henry VIIIA large smile came across the face of King Henry VIII. “Archbishop Cranmer, you are willing to execute this plan for me,” the King asked.

“Yes my king,” replied the Archbishop.

Both James and Alistair returned to the room with several jugs of fine wine.  “Right,” said Alistair “hold out your goblets and let’s get drinking and Doc you can get us the feck back to where we came from.”

“Slow the horses, Al my man, we have to support the King with his new organization.”

“And what’s that?”  Asked Alistair

“The Church of England.  The protest starts now against Rome”, laughed the Doc.

“It will not stop here.  It will keep going on for ever and a day, just because this chap wants to sow his oats around the castle,” said Alistair as he pointed in the Kings direction.

“I think that’s a good thing to sow your oats around,” added James Bond.

“We all know about you James and your pussy galore,” replied Alistair

“Well King of Navan and Archbishop, how do we implement this plan?” asked King Henry VIII.

“That’s where the Manager, Lady Catherine of Ontario comes in your Majesty.  She is the bees knees when it comes to getting a plan of action completed.  Tell the King how it goes,” said the Doc as he nodded and winked at the Manager.

The Manager shuck her head and stared back at the Doc sending the silent message that this is the first time she had heard that she knew the plan and the Doc had landed her in it again.  But without missing a bat she turned and smiled at the King and said. “Your Majesty the plan, the plan is….. well the plan is the King of Navan here will start to make his way across France to Rome.  Lady Nora and I will deal with the mad Irish and the Americas., but first of all, you must send the Archbishop to every corner of your Kingdom to secure the church lands and make sure the gold is not taken back to Rome.  He must go now without delay.  In fact right now this minute would be good so when the word gets out Archbishop Cranmer is already taking control.  We will stay here with you and work out the statement letter of protest to send to Rome.

“You are quite right Lady Catherine,” said the King and he turned to Archbishop Cranmer and said “well what are you waiting for, secure my church lands and the gold”.  The King insisted that he leave immediately.

The Archbishop tried to remain with the King for he knew that if he left the rest of them with the King they would use the Higulator and be gone before he returned.  “You are protesting well Archbishop but as I have already said, Lady Catherine is right you must go now.  I just had another thought Archbishop, we will call ourselves the protesters.”

“How about Protestants” add Nora

“Yes that is it,” shouted the King.  “We are the Protestants.  Now be gone and adjust a few attitudes out there and make everyone you find a protestant.

Nora turned to the Manager and whispered “Up there for thinking and down there for dancing as she pointed to her head.

The Doc spotted the movement and gave the nodding wink.

To be continued……

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