Message from a Hostel – Unannounced

broomstick“Okay Archie, just hold on here and off we go.  Stand back ye all.”  The Doc pressed the start button and with a flash of light they both disappeared, leaving the Manager and Nora sitting at the fire drinking their wine.

Bond and Alistair were still back in the room trying to figure out how to get past the soldier guarding their door.  “Only one thing for it,” said Bond.  “I will just have to use my karate skills.” With that Bond opened the door and shouted, “He’s behind you.” When the solider turned around, James struck him with a karate chop to the back of the neck.

“Never fails to work, Alistair.  Let us get back to the dining hall and meet the Doc,” said James.

There was another flash of light, only this time both the Doc and Archbishop Cranmer were in the dining hall watching what had happened 10 minutes earlier, including the Manager and Nora drinking wine and the Archbishop himself, handing the Higulator to the Doc.

The Archbishop turned to the Doc and said, “What sort of witch craft is this?”

The Doc pressed the time switch again and with a flash of light they were back to the current time zone – just as they were before the first time travel journey.  Both James and Alistair had also arrived in the dining hall.

“Hold tight to the Higulator, Archie my man. As promised, I took you time travelling and brought you back safely.  Time to take another trip.  Grab a holt of the Higulator ladies and you two bollox’s as well,” said Doc, referring to James and Alistair. When they all had a hold of the Higulator the Doc pressed start again and they disappeared in a flash of light, well before any of the Archbishop’s soldiers could stop them.

King Henry VIII was standing in his private chamber room looking out of his window watching Queen Catherine and Lady Anne Boleyn walking in the garden. His interest was mainly focused on Lady Boleyn. The King turned suddenly to investigate the flash of light behind him.

Standing in the room was the Doc, the Manager, Nora, Alistair ,Bond, and the Archbishop himself.

“What is the meaning of this, entering my private chambers without being announced,” raged the King.

“Careful how you explain this,” whispered the Doc to Archbishop Cranmer.

  To be continued….

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