Message from a Hostel – Trespassing on the Kings Land

“Let’s see where we are,” said Nora, as she approach the door of the shed. “Where the feck did that big castle come from?  It’s a little too big to be one of those blow up jumping castles.

There is a bunch of lads running towards us wearing what looks like bean cans or they have tin foil wrapped around them.”

“They look like ancient armed soldiers out of some Hollywood movie, set back in the days of old”, replied the Manager.

As the soldiers got closer they were shouting, “You are trespassing on the Kings land.  You can’t build a house there.  Stand aside and make way for the captain in charge.”

“Huston I think we have a problem”, said Nora.  “These guys seem to mean business”

The Captain in charge arrived on his horse. “Solider, what are these peasants doing on the Kings land and how did they get to build their hut here without notice from the battlements?”

“Sire, we marched past here not an hour ago and this hut was not here,” replied the sergeant arms.

“Arrest these peasants immediately,” shouted the Captain.

The Manager and Nora were standing in the doorway of the shed.  “Hold on one minute you wouldn’t arrest two lovely ladies like us, would you,” asked Nora.

“Ladies! Ladies! you are not ladies dressed in mens pantaloons. You are peasant pig farmers trespassing on the King’s land. Now arrest these two,” shouted the Captain once again.

Before Nora and the Manager knew it they were being tackled by three of the soldiers and put under arrest.

Just then the Kings hunting party arrived on the scene. As Nora and the Manger were protesting their arrest. The Manger in a calm but argumentative manner. While Nora was shouting and kicking.

“Captain clear the way for the Kind of England,” shouted one of the Kings Knights.

“Let me go protested the Manager,” as she stumbled out in front of the Kings Horse.  The Kings horse rode up and threw the King to the ground.  As all the soldiers were attending to the King. Nora grabbed the Manager and they both ran back into the shed.

“Nora get that feckin’ Higulator working and get us the feck out of here,” shouted the Manager.

To be continued…….

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