Message from a Hostel – This does not look like our back garden.

The time travelling shed rattled as it took off into various time zones.  Both the Manager and Nora were still inside laughing about their night out with James Bond.

“Why is the shed shaking so much.  Are we moving?” asked Nora.

The Manage looked out the window. “I’m not sure Nora what’s happening but I have this funny feeling we are moving.  All I see outside is bright flashing lights.”

The shed was moving in time alright.  While she was laughing and joking with the Manager, Nora had fiddled with the Higulator time dial and had accidentally set the time for the year 1533.

The Doc and Alistair were still a little confused as to what had happened. They had no idea which time zone the shed was travelling to.  Furthermore, James Bond was for going back up the town in search of more lady friends for a long night out.

The shed stoped suddenly.  “Nora, look at the Higulator or whatever the Doc calls that contraception over there. Tell me what it says on the screen,” asked the Manger.

“1533 Windsor, England,” replied Nora.

The Manager approached the door of the shed and opened it slowly. Nora was directly behind her.

“This does not look like our back garden.  As the Queen of F**kin’ everything would say.  I think we might be Kerf**ka Nora,” said the Manger.

To be continued ……….


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