Message from a Hostel – The Time Machine is Missing!

The Doc came running back into his house only to find Alistair with the new remote for the Higulator in his hand. Alistair was still laughing about the Doc chasing the women off his property.  “Al my man the feckin shed is gone. I can’t understand it, the Higulator switch was turned off.  I turned it off myself. I am baffled as to how it’s disappeared,” said Doc.

“Are you sure its gone, gone or did someone steal it from your garden?” asked Alistair.

“Positive. Gone is feckin’ gone Al.  Come and see for yourself,” said Doc.

“There was nobody inside the shed, so maybe when I was messin’ with the remote gadget somehow I set it off and it is just sitting in 00 time zone and the shed is there but we can’t see it Doc. It may just be there and reappear. I’ll press the buttons again and see if it comes back,” said Alistair, as he starting pressing the buttons on the remote again.

On the way out the door Doc and Alistair met James Bond coming in.  Hi James did you leave the Manager and Nora back up in the pub,” inquired Doc.

“No, we were all hiding in the shed from those ladies that came to the house. The ones you chased off Doc.  I just came out of the shed and went around to the back door to find you and check if the coast was clear. When I came back around the shed had disappeared,” said James Bond.

“No shit Sherlock. Are you now telling me that the Manager and Nora were in the travelling shed? That explains it Al. One of the tulips must have switched on the Higulator and when you were messin’ with the remote, off they went in time,” explained Doc.

“What time zone are they gone too?” asked Alistair.

“They could be feckin’ anywhere Al.  To infinity and beyond,” said Doc.

To be continued………..

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