Message from a Hostel – The Telephone

Hello who's calling?

Would you look at this Alistair if you call this phone number you will get this girl on the other end of the line to chat to?  You can chat as long as you like, it says here.  Look at the price of the phone calls Alistair €5 euro a minute.  What fecking network is she on?  Does she not know she could get better rates from Vodafone, O2, Shaw, TELUS or Virgin?  Virgin that’s a good one Alistair by the looks of your woman in the  picture she on a different network alright.

What was the name of the guy who invented the telephone Alistair?  It was Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson.  Did you know Nora that Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in 1847 and he moved to America where he invented the telephone.  Bell’s first words over the telephone were “Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you.”

I am sure she is saying the same thing now to some poor old sod “come over here I want to see ya” Well Alistair Bell would turn in his grave if he saw this advert and how they are using his telephone Right now “Miss call me up” and chat for €5 per minute’ is probably sitting there with her grey hair in curlers and no makeup in her big woolly PJ’s.  Zipping up and down the zipper from a sleeping bag telling the same poor sod that she is taking off her long black boots.

That Graham Bell fellow should have thought of something better to say Alistair like, get off the fecking phone Watson this is costing me a fortune!

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