Message from a Hostel – The Pope’s Nose

Thomas CranmerThe Archbishop on hearing the words ‘Pope of Rome’ stood out from the cover of his Sedan Chair.

“Whom may I ask is representing the Pope in Rome?” asked the Archbishop.

“And who the feck are you, with your fancy carrying chair and hat?” replied Alistair.

The Doc intervened immediately. “Please excuse my man servant. Let me introduce myself, I am the high King of Navan. I represent the Pope in Rome and I am here to discuss most important business with your King Henry VIII.”

“I am the King’s main envoy. It is with me you will communicate your information for our King. What is interesting is that we have had some other strange visitors to our lands. I am curious of the connections. I now suggest that you come with me, King of Navan. Guards please escort the King of Navan and his two man servants to my manor” ordered the Archbishop.

“Hey James, what do you think of this feckin’ ejit? We are now the Doc’s man servants.” As the Archbishop walked back to his sedan chair, Alistair shouted. “Listen here fancy hat, both James Bond and I are no man servants. This is James feckin’ Bond – I know he is dressed liked Robin Hood but this guy has all the gadgets to wipe ye all out.” Archbishop Cranmer had returned to his chair and was being carried away in the direction of his manor.

The soldiers nudged Alistair to move on – who do you think you are pushing?” said Alistair. “I’ll set my man James Bond on the lot of ye.”

“Al my man, come along I feel we are on the right track here with this Archbishop. He also thinks he is on to us and is every curious about why we are here,” said Doc. As he watched Alistair throw a few shapes in the direction of the soldiers.

The Manager and Nora had already arrived back at the Archbishop’s manor following their discussion with King Henry VIII on the separation from Rome. They were happy that the  King seemed to like what the Manager had proposed.

The Archbishop followed by the Doc, Alistair and James arrived back at the Manor. “Welcome to my Manor King of Navan. Once you get settled in to your room we can meet for dinner. I wish you rest well and I will have my servants summon you later. I will have your servants shown to the horse stables to rest,” said the Archbishop.

“Not necessary for them to rest,” Doc replied. “I will need my servants to assist me, I will send them to the stables afterwards.”

“As you please,” said the Archbishop.

The Archbishop had the Doc, Alistair and James Bond shown to a separate wing of the manor. Ensuring that, they could not meet with the Manager and Nora.

“What’s this feckin’ servant shit Doc?” said Alistair.

“Al and James, we need to convince the Archbishop that I am the King of Navan and I have influence with the Pope. This will  help us to find the Manager and Nora,” replied the Doc.

“Influence with the Pope,” laughed Alistair. “The last time you thought about the Pope was when your Mammy was carving the arse off a chicken.”

To be continued……..


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