Message from a Hostel – The new gadget

Nora had the war paint on and was dressed up to the nines in preparation to meet James Bond. “Heeello.  It’s only me,” Nora shouted as she entered the Doc’s House followed quickly by Alistair.

“Well you must be Mr Bond,” said Nora as she smiled and winked over at the Manager.

“Yes Bond, James Bond at your service my good lady,” replied James as he kissed Nora’s hand.

“So you are the lovely Nora that Alistair has been telling me all about.”

“Well James I can tell you lots more about me and my oil business if you sit down here beside me. I’ll have whatever Mr. Bond is drinking. Only you can give mine a good old stir as if you were stirring a strong cup of tea,” said Nora to the Manager.

“ You two ladies keep James company, while myself and Al sort out a few up grade issues with the Higulator. We’ll be out in the shed if you need us,” said Doc.  “Come on Al. We’ll leave these two dazzle eyed birds here with the charm boy”

The two girls weren’t even listening to what the Doc said they were so engrossed with James Bond.  Alistair and the Doc headed out to the shed.  “See this little gadget Al, while you were at home and the Manager was goggled eyed with James Bond, I made this remote unit and it will allow me to start the Higulator from within fifty feet of the shed.  Once the Higulator is switched on inside I’ll be able to press this button and if the date is set away we go. Once we are in the shed or within five feet of it we will be able to travel in time. This wee gadget might save us from trouble one day if we need to run and leave a place in a hurry.  So, it’s important when we leave the shed that we have a time zone set just in case we need to escape quickly.” The Doc informed Alistair.

“So Doc what if I press it now. Would it work?” asked Alistair.

“No, Al my man. I need to fit a wee switch to the side of the Higulator and have it turned on before it would work.  But once that’s done I’ll turn the higulator off until we start travelling again.”

Once the Doc had attached the switch they both went back into the house. James , the Manager and Nora were just heading out the back door. “Hey girls where are ye off too?” shouted Doc.

“We are just going to take James Bond up the town for a few drinks and show him off. I mean show him the local night life,” replied the Manger.

“Well Al we might as well stay in with Mollydooker and keep it company,” laughed Doc.

To be continued……..


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