Message from a Hostel – The King’s Solution

Henry VIII“She may speak, I am curious of her words” answered the King.

The Manager composed herself and started to speak. “King Henry VIII, we have travelled across many lands and heard tales of your greatness and wisdom. Within those tales, we as women know certain signs and we hear the sadness in your heart. The wish to divorce and remarry the new fair maiden. A Lady Ann Boleyn, we have heard.”

“You mean he wants to feckin’ shag all the maidens in his Kingdom,” added Nora under her breath.

“You see great King we have also heard that Old Red Socks the Pope in Rome will not grant you a divorce. We feel we have the answer. Having had consultation with your Archbishop Cranmer.” The Manager turned and winked at the Archbishop. “We can provide you with a solution that will not only allow to divorce Lady Catherine of Aragon, but it will make you even higher than Rome.”

“Chaw on that for awhile Henry me lad, the big boss over Rome. How’s that for pulling the rug from under old red socks” said Nora – “Nice one manager, baffle him with this bullshit.”

“Archbishop, why have you kept these two lovely ladies from me? I am interested in hearing more of Lady Catherine’s solution? I am a bit confused by Lady Nora when she does speak. Her words are quick and strange. Sounds like those peasants across the water,” said the King.

“Listen here you square head!” replied Nora.

The Manager quickly interjected and said “Nora, I think we should let the Archbishop continue and we should hold our words. The manager has got this sorted. As the Doc would say ‘pull in your horns woman’.”

“My King, I wanted to ensure only you would hear this information. I have kept these lovely ladies hidden to ensure their safety from foreign spies. And for me to consider and understand their solution. To give it good thought my King. To ensure I would not waste the King’s precious time,” replied Cranmer.

“This better be good Lady Catherine or all our heads will be on the chopping block,” said the Archbishop, as he turned away from the direction of the King.

“Lady Catherine of Ontario, is this great solution you bring me a trick to have me excommunicated. I could have both your heads off before you can speak another word,” stated the king.

“Well I might not get another word out, but I bet Nora would still be talking. Even after her head was chopped off,” thought the manager to herself.

“It is not a trick. It is simple. You are the great King of England and ruler over all these lands. You decide what laws should rule your Kingdom. So make a protest against Rome and their interference in you affairs, excuse the pun. Tell them that you no longer want their permission.”

The Archbishop nearly fell off his chair.

“Go against the Church of Rome?” shouted Henry VII. “My Archbishop, you said you have heard this solution and you gave it great consideration. You think it is worth considering?”

To be continued…..


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