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Message from a Hostel – The Clock Struck One

Ladies in waiting“My good ladies, more persuasive methods might be called for to extract the answers I require,” said the Archbishop

As the guards enter the room Nora shouts. “I’ have been questioned by better guards than yours Archie Boy. Bring on your torture.”

“Soldiers, remove these two ladies to the dungeons where I can extract the answers I need. Place this contraption in my gold room and make sure it is guarded night and day,” ordered the Archbishop.

“Before you have us taken to the dungeons may I suggest that both Lady Nora and I start the Higulator as you hold it and we show you the powers of this machine,” said the Manager. “Does this not show a willingness to cooperate and demonstrate good will on our behalf? You can experience its power right now,” said the Manager.

“I suspect Lady Catherine that this is some sort of trickery,” replied the Archbishop.

“If you are holding onto the Higulator, won’t this give you reassurance?,” responded the Manager.

“I will agree Lady Catherine only if Lady Nora of the Castle Blayne remains in this room with my guards.” I will hold the contraption with you only, Lady Catherine, “replied the Archbishop.

“I will need Lady Nora though, just to help me start the Higulator. Nora you remember how the Doc used his Ben Lang to provide the instructions to start the Higulator,” said the Manager. I will give the same instructions. Archbishop can you stand over here beside Nora and place you right hand on this part of the Higulator. Please make sure not to let go.”

“Right Nora I will set the Tick-Tock for the bird lime of the mouse ran up –you get my drift?,”said the Manager.

“Tick -Tock, bird lime, mouse ran up, did you just get a blow to the head Manager?” asked Nora.

“No Nora. Think of the Doc’s Ben Lang and work it out, Hickory Dickory”.

Oh! said Nora. “I got you now” as she winked back to the Manager.

“Nice one Nora,” replied the Manager. “So Archbishop we are just talking about the launch procedures and counting up to three before we press the start button “

Nora was trying to work out in her head the Doc’s Ben Lang for the Hickory Dickory Dock and what number the mouse ran up or down the clock at.

“Okay Lady Nora, Okay Archbishop. Are we set to go; I mean start the Higulator” asked the Manager

“Hold it, Lady Catherine we are just starting the Higulator and not disappearing anywhere,” said Archbishop Crammer.

Before the archbishop could say another word the Manager shouted the clock struck one and both the Manager and Nora pressed the start button on the Higulator.

To be continued…….


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