Message from a Hostel – The Castleblayney A.I Show

Champion 2012

The 57th Castleblayney Agricultural & Industrial Show is on today Alistair will you be showing your amazing Hen in the Poultry section, asked Nora. Yes Nora, I have my champion hide & go seek speckled Hen entered in the show.

The Judges counted up to 10 and after entering the poultry tent they found all the Hens in their cages, but not Alistair’s Speckle Hen.  Alistair’s Hen was nowhere to be found, first place again this year.

Pity the Hide & Go Seek Hen event isn’t an Olympic sport Nora, I think my Hen would win gold.  Maybe Rio de Janeiro Alistair – focus on the next Olympics 2016 –if you can find your Hen by then.

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