Message from a Hostel – The Broom Test

Ladies in waiting“Thank you Archbishop Cranmer.  My ladies please tell us about this land you say you have travelled from?” shouted one of the churchmen from the side of the court.

Then they all started to shout out questions. “Yes, how do you know such things of our King?”

“So you say you are not witches, yet how do you speak of things that we in this world would not know?”

“For feck sake, I suppose they will want the lottery numbers next,” muttered Nora.

The Manager stepped forward, “learned men, your questions are such that we must take time and consider our responses. For you are truly learned men.”

“Yes,” Nora added.  “We would like the option to phone a friend or ask the audience.”

“What is this talk of strange words of ‘phone a friend’?” inquired one of the members of the court.

Nora was about to try and explain, when the Manager responded.  “Gentlemen of this great court of knowledge and justice, you question us both to find one answer. Are we witches or are we not?. Let us not beat around the bush here.

How do we ladies think we can fool such learned men?  I suggest a test.  We know that witches use brooms to fly.  So if we are witches, then we should be able to fly on brooms?” stated the Manager.

The learned men gathered in the court. They looked at each other nodding in agreement and muttering to each other.  Yes this lady is correct. “Let’s to the broom test,” they all agreed.

The Manager winked at Nora.  Nora turned to the Manager and said.  “Holy feck, do these clowns want us to start riding brooms around this court room like Harry Potter?”

“It is simple Nora when they see we can’t ride a broom they will believe we are not witches and set us free.”

“What the feck happens if my broom takes off?” asked Nora.  “I think I would be better off with the question and answer session.”

Nora shouts out, “Listen lads the Manager here, I mean Lady Catherine, has suggested the broom test, but I feel you have already made up your minds, that we are witches.  So what would convince you that we are not witches?”

“The witches broom test,” they all shouted in unison.

The servants of the court brought in two large brooms and lay them before Nora and the Manager.

The members of the court were getting very excited and they started to shout out “ride the broom, ride the broom”

Nora and the Manger looked at each other “Have I missed something?” asked the Manager.

“Sure,” replied Nora.  “Where the feck do you think broom dancing started?”

To be continued…..

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