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Alistair and Nora are still looking for the Wizard of OZ and things have been fairly quite lately on all fronts.  The Scare crow, Tin man and Mr. Lion are nowhere to be found we think they have gone into hiding.  All the bears, snakes and cougars are far away in the wilderness and sleeping for the winter months.  Walking trips are a little less scary now and we hope the Polar bears don’t intent on travelling south.  Alistair and Nora have met some of their home land Munchkins in the Emerald City (rock on Richard) and Alistair visited his original home.  Toto the dog was still sitting on the porch wagging his tail but nobody was at home.

After hitching a lift into Yankee Doodle land and this time no quiz questions just “have a nice day”.  Nora was ready for the quiz and had her phone a friend on call for support if needed but we were waved on through.  Alistair thinks that Nora has as now picked up the local accent.  With sounds like awesome, Cheese Chicken, ye all Ok-right and especially when her Northern adjectives are added.  The Yankee Doodle Munchkins get great fun out of the way Nora now speaks especially when she adds the f words into her sentences.

Alistair and Nora woke up very early the other morning to see several Police cars and vans outside their hostel.  The whole place was surrounded, Alistair and Nora quickly got dress and came out with their hands up only to realise it was the place next door.  So not to draw attention to themselves they both just started to do exercises bending up and down.  The small mart next door was completely surrounded by armed Police and yellow tape cordoning off the whole area.  Then the TV news trucks arrived to report on this place as it had been under surveillance has a major drug market.

Time to change our address we thought – so yet again Alistair and Nora are back on the Yellow Brick Road.

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