Message from a Hostel – Team Building

Team Building

Nora I have to prepare a team building exercise for a training session, can you practice it with me so I can ensure I have all the materials and instructions correct?  Yes Alistair love to, what do I have to do?  Well Nora the overall objective of the exercise is for each team to get all their team members safely across a large river, Ok that sounds very easy Alistair.  There are a few big obstacles that each team have to get over Nora.  Like what Alistair? well they have to first of all build a raft and then make sure that nobody falls into the water as they try and cross.  Why can they just swim across Alistair?.. because there are crocodiles in the river and if any of them fall in they will be eaten alive?

Come on Nora let’s build the raft, right Alistair I am right behind you and watch out for those crocodiles Alistair.

Right Nora we have the raft built and we have to see if we can get across the river.  Let’s place the raft here Nora in the imaginary river. BANG, BANG, BANG, what are you doing Nora?  I am shooting the crocodiles Alastair, and where did you get the gun Nora, the same place where you got those f**king crocodiles Alistair.

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