Message from a Hostel – Stuck in a time warp

As they all took off from the North Pole in the Doc’s travelling shed……..

“Hey Alistair, I just noticed that the new digital touch screen panel seems not to have moved time zone in awhile. Looks like we might have got stuck in a time warp recently, we have not moved in time at all.  Hand me that screw driver and I will see if I can unfreeze it” said Doc.

Alistair handed the Doc a screwdriver and continued with his conversation of bringing James Bond back to the year 2013.  Doc went to work on the new touch digital panel and joined in the discussion between Alistair and James Bond.

“Hey James, do you really want to come back to 2013. What about all the tulips you have back in your Bond world?”  The lovely ladies like Miss Plenty O’Toole, Miss Honey Ryder and of course Miss Kissy Suzuki,” laughed the Doc.

“What have I got to lose Doc? It seems you and Alistair have a great life in the future and judging by what I see the Hig up to, in the corner over there, I guess my days are numbered back in the 1960’s. He is a bit too much competition with the ladies,” said James Bond.

“Doc, the Manager and Nora would be really excited if we brought James Bond back.  Even if it was just for a short while.  Now that you seem to have this feckin Higulator mastered and the new digital touch panel, we can bring him back to the 1960’s, once the girls have met him.  We might even stick  him in the local posh B&B for a night or two,” said Alistair.

“Alistair I’m not a child. I can look after myself quite well if you just drop me off in the year 2013,” replied James.

“Sorry James, it’s just that there are cougars around where we live and I would not want you to be eaten alive”.

“I can handle myself.  I have fought off snakes, lions and sharks you know,” said James.

“Your right James,” agreed Doc.  “Alistair, James will be alright if we take him back even though I am breaking one of my rules about taking people out of their own time zone. Sure we will have the craic . What harm could come of him?”

“That’s it fixed now Al. Now we are sucking diesel.  The time digits are moving. We will be back in 1970 in a few seconds.  Hey Hig,” shouted Doc.  “This is your stop coming the year 1970. So let go of the two ladies. It’s time to get your coats on ladies your getting off at this stop as well. I would not like the Manager and Nora to see us arrive back with you two tulips on board,” laughed Doc.

To be continued…….

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