Message from a Hostel – Stand back ye all

Thomas Cranmer“They call you James Bond, the man of many talents and charmer of the ladies, so figure that out and make sure you bring Al with you,” said Doc as he left to return to the dining hall.

When the Doc arrived back in the dining hall Nora and the Manager were well stuck into the old vino.

“Doc, how’s me man Alistair,” asked Nora.  “ I hope he got over jumping across tables on top of ladies like ourselves.”

“The feckin’ ijects got the signal wrong and could not figure out what Plan B meant.  I thought 007 might have cop’d it, with all his MI secret service training, but I guess not.  They still don’t get the Irish man,” lamented Doc. “Hey Manager any chance of a goblet of the good stuff?”

The Archbishop arrived back in the room followed by two soldiers carrying the Higulator. “Well King of Navan, here is your contraption, and I hope you keep your word,” said the Archbishop.

“Did we not shake on it,” replied the Doc.  I’m a man of my word.  Once I have shakin’ on it, it’s done.”

“Are you right there Archie, are your right,” said the Doc.  “It’s time for your flight into new time zones.”  The Doc took the Higulator from the soldiers and started to activate the Higulator.  The Doc set the time for the year 1533 and the time for just 10 minutes previous.

“Okay Archie, hold on just here and off we go.  Stand back ye all.”  The Doc pressed the start button and with a flash of light they both disappeared.

To be continued…..    

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