Message from a Hostel – Stand Aside

Henry VIII“Doc, I see you have a Kings crown with your costume,” said Alistair.

“Yes, Al my man. If I am going to meet the King, I’m going to be a feckin King. The high King of Navan and beyond,” declared the Doc.

The Doc, Alistair and James Bond left the garden shed and travelled on foot towards the castle of King Henry VIII. “What’s the plan Doc, when we get to the castle and meet the King,” asked Alistair.

“Al, the plan is I haven’t got one. As they said we will play it by ear and see what turns up, ”replied the Doc. “The key here is to get Nora and the Manager outa here and back to our own time zone.”

As they arrive at the gates of the castle, Alistair shouts out. “Stand aside for the King of Navan. We are here to see Kind Henry VIII and bring great news.” The soldiers’ on the gates stood firm. And asked “who goes there and what business have ye here”.

James Bond dressed in his Robin Hood costume then approaches the soldiers’. “My good chaps. My name is Bond, James Bond and I am a member of Her Majesties Secret Service.

“Good one,” said Alistair. We have to wait till Mary I grows up to be Queen for you to be in her service. Hey Doc, maybe we don’t have to wait until 1909 for the MI5. We can leave James here and he can start the Secret Service now so they get a head start.”

“Guards, I am King of Navan. Go and get your commanding officer and bring him here. I have important business to discuss with your King,” said Doc.

The soldiers looked at each and decided it might be best to fetch their senior officers. The Doc was standing over both of them with authority.

When the commanding officer arrived at the gate the Doc informed him that it would be best if he fetched his senior officer as he had important business for King Henry VII only. If he failed to do this he would insist on having all of their heads chopped off and delivered to Rome to old Red socks to feed to his cat.

As the officer was about to leave to get his next in charge Archbishop Cranmer and his escorts arrived from within the castle grounds.

“What is this hold up?,” inquired one of the senior officers accompanying the Archbishop.

“This man said he is King of Navan and has business only for the King sire.”

“Stand aside for the Archbishop Cranmer,” shouted the officer.

“You will not pass me,” replied the Doc. “I am here on the request of his Holiness the Pope of Rome. I bring important news for your King. Do not delay me any further.”

The Archbishop on hearing the words ‘Pope of Rome’ stood out from the cover of his Sedan Chair.

“Whom may I ask is representing the Pope in Rome?” said the Archbishop

To be continued….



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