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Message from a Hostel – Second book in the series underway?

“Hot Apple pie ye all,” shouted Ms Patsy, just as Mossy walked into the room.

Firstly, thanks to you the readers for all the emails looking for the next chapter in the current story about Alistair & Nora, Doc Higgins and The Manager. How will Alistair and Nora they get out of Town?  Will their Shebeen get back on the road? Will the Doc save them once again?  What’s the manager up to now?

For all of you that have been waiting so patiently – the bad news is, you will have to wait a little long – the GREAT news is, that the final chapters will be in my second book in the series, The Adventures of Doc Higgins. The release date is set the first quarter of 2016.

My writing styles have been preoccupied with the upcoming release of my new business book (The Editor is still reviewing the Title) and an audio recording of the children series The Tales of Scallywagwag and Winkiewoo.
Not taking into the account the upcoming re-launch of the second edition of Poetry Just for You in print and on Amazon Kindle.

And you thought I was relaxing?
Stay tuned and thanks for all the continued support.

Thanks again.
Kind Regards

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