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Message from a Hostel – Put it there

broomstick“If ye two buckaroos are sitting at the fire having wine, both Lady Catherine and I are joining ye. Nobody puts baby in the corner,” said Nora.

“This Lady Nora has many strange ways,” commented the Archbishop to the Doc.

With that Nora pulled over a chair and sat down with her empty wine goblet and shoved it straight at the Archbishop.

The Manger quickly joined Nora and did the same. Once their goblets were full, the Archbishop started off the discussion again.

“This Higulator contraption, as you so named it, seems to be important to you all. I’m wondering if I might just investigate this more.  I have seen Lady Catherine and Lady Nora operate it, causing them to disappear and reappear. ”

“Sure, it has great powers,” replied the Doc. “Bring it to me and I will demonstrate how it works.”

“How will I ensure you will not trick me,” answered the Archbishop.

“I’m a man of my word and if I shake on a deal, it’s a deal,” replied the Doc. “You bring me the Higulator and I will take you on a short trip with me.  Put it there.”  The Doc put out his hand to shake the Archbishop’s hand.

“I hope I can trust you.  If you say you are a man of word so be it.”  The Archbishop put out his hand and they both shook on the deal.

The Archbishop left the dining hall to fetch the Higulator.

“What’s going on,” asked the Manager.

“Watch and learn my friend, watch and learn,” said the Doc.  “More wine Nora?”

“While you are both having some more vino I will go check on Al and James.  That wine is good, but not as good as the old Mollydooker.”

To be continued……

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