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Well once again Alistair and Nora are back in the land of hostels, where swinging cats, sharing bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are all part of daily life.  The cities have more people and less bears and snakes of the animal kind but they take on different shapes with the human kind.  Nora now thinks that Alistair should get a job as a local Munchkin and maybe there are opportunities in this area for him to try out.  Well times have change and opportunities are far and few between so maybe this might be a new career for Alistair.

Last weekend Alistair and Nora strolled off course from the Yellow Brick Road and into the land of the Yankee Doodle.  Before  they could enter the land of Yankee Doodle poor old Nora was taken away for a Quiz Game on how she knew Alastair something along the lines of Mr & Mrs Quiz show.  All the different Quiz Masters had different questions and Nora was reminded that the Yellow Brick Road was not part of­­­­ the Yankee Doodle land.  Being from a boarder county Nora was well able and used to answering tricky quiz questions.  Good old Nora scored 110% and she was given a little sticker which would allow her to come back anytime she wished.  So after the quiz game was completed Alistair and Nora were allowed into Yankee Doodle land.

No wonder this in number 8 out of 8 said Nora , once you have seen one waterfall you seen them all.  If we were given something for nothing why do they stick a railing around it and try and charge you for the pleasure of looking at it. Staying only a few days Alistair and Nora made their return to the Yellow Brick Road.  On their way back there were no tricky questions and the only comment was had they enjoyed their visit and ye all come back now you hear.

So onwards they go all positive and looking forward to meeting difference munchkins along their way.  Still seeking the great Wizard of OZ and Nora is still the self appointed Director.

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