Message from a Hostel – Metric or Imperial

Its a far far way to Tipperary

The world has created standard forms of measurement to assist us in working out lengths and weights commonly known as Weights and Measures.  Although Yankee Doodle Land and Auntie Lizy Land have not caught up with the rest of the world and still operate in gallons, miles, yards and pints etc, the old imperial way.  Nora has her own system for the measurement of distances, it’s very simple it only has three measurements.  They are – Not too Far, Far and Very Far.

Travelling along on the Yellow Brick Road when Nora asked Alastair what is the distance between the wicked witches house in the West to the Kingdom of Oz.  Alastair replied hold on Nora till I consult the map and the GPS, to which Nora responded listen Alastair its either not too far, far or very far, which is it.  Well Nora let me check the distance in Kilometres or Miles, Ah Alastair just tell me what you think, well Nora I would say it’s far.  Not very Far, Alastair no Nora it is far away.

Nora what would be far far far away in your measurement system?  Ah Alastair that would be f**Kin miles away, right Nora we will not go there then said Alastair.

The world of music has only 7 different notes and think of all the beautiful songs that have been written.  So in Nora’s world it has 3 simple measurements of distance so think of all the beautiful places that they can take you.

What is stopping you from going to where you know you should go?

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