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Message from a Hostel – Let’s make a signal

Doc Higgins New Shed“You may be right but I am the messenger and the message that gets delivered to King Henry VIII is what I tell him and maybe it will be what he wants to hear,” stated the Doc

“Interesting words,” responded the Archbishop.

“Look here Archie this is what we know. Henry wants the old Queen out and a new Queen in.  The King of Navan here knows how to deliver a result.  The big man here makes the King a happy man, you become top dog in the church, and we all get to go home.  There may be a big protest against Rome and Old Red Socks for sure but you blame it on the King and call your new church ‘The Protesters’.  You take over all of Rome’s land here in England and as they say, Bob’s your Uncle,” said James Bond.

“Well for a man that’s not said much in the last while you certainly laid things on the table Bond,” said the Doc. “You’re the kind of guy I like, shoots straight from the hip.”

“So what to you think Archbishop,” asked the Doc.

“This is a very similar solution that the two ladies, Catherine of Ontario and Nora suggested,” responded the Archbishop.

“There you have it Archie. We are all signing from the same hymnal,” added Alistair.

“You might take me for a fool but this plan could have my head on the chopping block.”

“Archbishop, let me assure you that we do not take you as a fool. You have met with Catherine and Nora and I am sure you felt there was more to them than just two travelling ladies from overseas.  They are the great witches of the west and bring only goodness to your situation.  They have magical powers of travel and if they also suggested that this solution was the one to take then I would take it as so,” said Doc.  “Let us all meet at dinner time and discuss this further before you come to a decision.”

“I will take my leave and consider this situation,” replied Archbishop Cranmer.  “I will send for you all to join me so I can ensure I have you all together and consider the options.  I will leave my soldiers here at your door, just for your safety, if you get my meaning.”

Once the Archbishop had left the room, Alistair asked the Doc.  “Why the feck did you tell him that the Manager and Nora were witches?”

“Al my man, never bullshit and bullshiter.  Our good friend the Archbishop knows that game already.  Best to play along and get us all in the same location,” said Doc.

“I agree with the Doc Alistair, once we are all in the same room with the Manager and Nora they should have the Higulator with them or very close by.  We can then all make a timely move, and get the flock out of here,” said James Bond.

“When we meet up with the Manager and Nora at the dining hall we will sort out some signal to make our move on,” said Doc.

“Make sure you give the signal to the Manager, Doc, and not to Nora.  What’s for her won’t go by her,” laughed Alistair.

To be continued…..

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