Message from a Hostel – Let’s just call it camping

Oh! Oh!

Do you think we are lost Alistair, I would say so Nora after we took the last turn on that dirt road we were already over 50 Km from the nearest town and we have driven at least another 60Km. The lake looks really nice though Alistair and I’m sure after a few days we will be missed by someone.  Well Nora it’s three days now and I have not seen anybody else around except for the bears over in the woods.  If we don’t hassle them Alistair they won’t hassle us.  Alistair to keep warm we will need to build a nice fire.  Yes Nora I am collecting the firewood right this minute

Nora I am getting some food from the car will you watch the fire and make sure it is OK.

Alistair could you come here a minute I think the fire is a little hot………!!!

Watch out for more news on the LOST couple!

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