Message from a Hostel – Let’s just call it camping –part 5

Over Here

Yes Harvey, everyone listen I can also hear it said Nora, it is like a whirling sound.  Look over there up towards the sky it’s a helicopter and it is flying towards us, added Alistair.  We are over here, we are over here, shouted Harvey hysterically waving his arms.  Just then it flew right over our heads and the sound of the blades disappeared slowly into the distance. Hey where are you going? we are down here A, shouted Harvey. Harvey was thinking to himself that he was safe from any more accidents or fires.  Don’t worry Harvey, said Nora they saw us and they are just looking for a safe place to land away from the fire. Well I hope you and Alistair keep well away from it when it does land as it is very possible that it might catch fire, said Harvey.

Suddenly the sound of the helicopter started to get closer again.  What did I tell you Harvey, I knew they would not leave us out here, said Nora.  As the helicopter hovered over head a voice on a loud speaker asked “is that Alistair and Nora down there?”  Yes Alistair shouted back, Harvey is also with us but is truck is all burned out. Again the voice on the megaphone shouted “stand clear as we are about to land”.  Within a minute the helicopter was on the ground and all blades stopped.  As soon as the rescue pilot got out of the helicopter Harvey was running towards him shouting “don’t stop your engine, before you know it your helicopter will have caught fire A, get me out of here.

Hold on sir said the pilot it will be all right we will have you on board and safe in a few minutes.  The pilot approached Nora and Alistair who were gathering up their few belongings.  Well you two he said, there has nearly been an international crisis over your whereabouts.  He went on to explain that following a direct personal call from someone in Kelowna to President Higgins in Ireland.  The Diplomatic Service has been under the instruction to find you both.  It was only when we heard of these exceptional fires in this particular region that we investigated further with the local Fire Brigade and they mention you both by name with a request to come a immediately and remove you from the area.

I think the fire is spreading very close to your nice big helicopter Mr. Caption pilot man, said Nora.

To be continued.

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