Message from a Hostel – Let’s just call it camping part 3


Alistair I think I hear something, oh!  Yes Nora I can see a truck through the trees.  Over here Mr. Breakdown truck, shouted Nora.  You must be the couple the Fire Officer sent me out to pick up A, Harvey’s Breakdown Service at your service, A.  I am Alistair and this is Nora, we are ready and waiting to get a tow back to civilisation Harvey.

Let’s see what I can do A, said Harvey, I guess I will just back my truck up a little and this will let me lift your car onto my truck A.  She is all yours Harvey we will just pack our stuff into the back seat of our car, said Nora.  Hey Mr. Breakdown fellow look out for that large stump of tree, too late yelled Nora. What’s that black stuff leaking from underneath your truck, asked Nora?  Oh! A that’s my bloody oil pump busted A, oh!  bugger that A, cried Harvey.

Everything rosy in the garden then Harvey, asked Alistair.  I’m afraid not A, said Harvey my truck is broken down, she is leaking oil all over the place A.  Can’t you call your garage and get another truck to come out for us, asked Nora.  No Mam, the cell phone will not work A, we are too far from town, said Harvey.  Guess we are all stuck out here for a while, will I get a fire going to keep us warm, asked Alistair.  I’ll just gather up some wood and set it over here away from everything so we can keep warm until more assistance arrives.  I am sure Harvey someone in town will know you are out here and come looking for you, said Nora.  I am not so sure of that mam, you see I did not leave a note in my garage as to where I was going A, it could be morning before I am missed A, said Harvey.  No worries Mr. Breakdown man, said Nora, Alistair will get a nice fire going to keep us warm.

Nora will you keep a good watch on the fire this time till I get our stuff back out of the car, asked Alistair.  Oh! feck Alistair, come quick the fire is spreading along the grass towards Harvey’s truck.  It must be the leaking oil Nora that’s caught fire, said Alistair.  My bloody truck is on fire A, what have you pair done to my truck, shouted Harvey.  Harvey look on the bright side, said Nora at least we will all be warm for the night, A.

Will they ever be rescued?  Watch out for more news on the still LOST couple!

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