Message from a Hostel – Let’s just call it camping part 2

Hole in the Bucket
Who was camping here?

Fire, Fire oh! Feck what a great big fire Nora.  It just took off, run down to the lake Alistair and fetch some water. With what shall I fetch the water in Nora?  In a bucket dear Alistair.  But there is a hole in the bucket dear Nora, a hole.  Well fixed it dear Alistair.  With what shall I fix it with dear Nora?  Oh for feck sake Alistair with some straw.  The straw is to long Nora, well cut it dear Alistair.  My axe is too dull dear Nora, well sharpen it dear Alistair.  What shall I sharpen it on dear Nora. On a stone dear Alistair on a stone.  The stone is too dry dear Nora, well wet it with water dear Alistair, but there is a hole in the bucket dear Nora a hole.

Too late Alistair the Fire Brigade has just arrived.  I knew someone would find us Alistair.  Who started the fire asked the Fire Officer.  We don’t know, we were just driving past and we came down here to have a look said Nora.  Alistair is fixing his bucket to try to help put this fire out.  A small bucket like that will not put this forest fire out madam.  Any chance of a tow back to town Alistair asked.  I thought you said you were driving past here.  We were driving by said Nora and then the car just broke down with all the heat from the fire. Looks like there might have been people camping out here said the Fire Officer.  Sure does look like that said Nora maybe they started the fire and ran away, would you credit that office.

We are not allowed to tow cars but we will send a tow truck back for you both explained the Fire Officer.  That’s great said Nora we will just tidy up our camping equipments and be ready when it arrives.

Watch out for more news on the just found couple!

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