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Let's get started Nora

To the helicopter, run everyone shouted the pilot, we need to get out of here before my chopper catches fire.  Harvey was the first to board.  Where are women and children first in your book Harvey, asked Nora?  Nora let me help you on board said Alistair, as he gently gave her a push from behind.  The engine started, up up and away with us all safely on board. That’s some fire down there, look at the burnout truck and that car in the lake, stated the pilot as we flew away.

Nora who was sitting up front distracted the pilot by engaging him in conversation.  Changing the discussion away from the topic of the fire.  Is it difficult to fly one of these machines Captain pilot man, asked Nora?  Do you need to take a lot of flying lessons and are the lessons very expensive? she continued.  The pilot replied, well it does take time to learn and you need over 60 hours of flying before you can get your helicopter licence.  Are you a instructor Captain pilot man, said Nora firing more and more questions.

Yes I am and I have trained well over a 1000 students, the pilot replied.  How much is it to take the lessons asked Alistair. Well said the pilot for the first ten lessons it is $180 each lesson and then for all the other lessons it is only $90 each.  OK said Nora when can I start my training.  If you are serious about learning Nora we have classes starting very month, replied the Pilot.  That will suit me fine said Nora and by the way Mr. instructor I will just start from lesson eleven onwards.

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