Message from a Hostel – Lefty Watt’s the Wine Makers Daughter

mollydooker1Nora turned to the Manager and whispered, “up there for thinking and down there for dancing as she pointed to her head and feet.

The Doc spotted the movement and gave his nodding wink.

The Archbishop gave the manger a deadly stare as he left the King’s room.  On his way out he ordered  two of the soldiers to remain with strict instructions to not let the King of Navan out of their sight. He went so far as to say, “kill anyone who tries to leave except of course the King Henry VIII.”

“Now that that old bore has left us, let us talk some more about your ideas on this great plan and drink some more of my fine wine,” said King Henry VIII.  “I feel I am going to enjoy confiscating all of old red socks lands and gold in my Kingdom.  I like your thinking pattern Lady Catherine.”

Alistair got up and filled everyone’s goblet with more wine.  “This stuff is good but not as good as the old Mollydooker.  Your majesty, do you mind me asking who your wine maker is?”

“My wine maker,” replied the King. “Oh that is old lefty as my father old Henry VII used to call him.  I am not sure what his real name is. Let me think, it will come to me”

“It’s Watts,” remembered the King Henry.

“Pardon,” replied Alistair

“No, Watts is the name of my wine maker.  Old lefty Watts’s family has been making great wine for kings for hundreds of years.”

“Hey Doc, given that we are in 1530’s and Mollydooker wine is from McLaren Valley in Australia I wonder what lefty’s great, great, great, great great, great grandchild did to be sent to exile in Auzy land?”  mused Alistair.

“Lefty does make a great wine”, said the King. “He is ‘getting on’ now and only has the daughter Sarah to help him.  Poor child, unless she gets a spark of lightening from somewhere, once old Lefty Watts  dies, so will the wine, as the laws of my Kingdom don’t allow wine to be made by women.”

“I am sure though King Henry, with your great wisdom and power you could change that law. Given you are on a role here with a new church and shortly to have a new missus, surely you can change the wine laws while you are at it. Lefty’s daughter Sarah can continue to supply you with great fine wines.  I am sure you do not want to be drinking that French or Italian piss”, added  Alistair.

“My God, you are right! I can’t drink that stuff,” shouted King Henry.  I will change the law; I will not have any foreign piss in my wine cellar or my wine fountain.

“Right on there Henry,” added Nora.  “As your on a roll now keep it lit.”

While all this chat was going on the Doc and the Manager were in deep discussion.

“You aced that move,” said the Doc to the Manager.  “Getting old Archie out of the picture changes the game.  Now all we have to do is to ensure that Al and James get on the same page.

“That’s your job Doc, I am afraid, after their antics of jumping on all over us the last time, I don’t deal with anybody that’s lives in coo coo land. I think both of them have a permanent residence there” replied the Manager.

To be continued….

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