Message from a Hostel – Leaving Santa at the North Pole

“Yes,” replied Alistair. “Let’s drop James Bond, Hig and his two ladies back in 1970 and we can go home to the manager and Nora.”

The Doc tested the Higulator for a final test and then came back over to Santa Claus’s house.

“Right you lot. We are ready for the road. All sorted and it’s time we headed back to our own time zones,” said Doc. “Gather up your stuff and we’ll head back to the shed. Thanks for your hospitality Mrs. Claus and the lovely grub it was a pleasure to stay over. As they say in Moscow must be rushin.”

They all said their goodbyes and Santa drove them back to the Doc’s shed on his sledge.

“Bye Santa.  I will try and make it onto the ‘nice list’ next year,” laughed Hig as he pinched Miss Mary Goodnight on the arse as she entered the shed.

“Right Alistair, set the time zone for London, 1970 and we will drop off the Hig and his tulips and we will then leave James Bond back with Mr. Golden Finger – or wherever he would like to go,” said Doc.

Alistair set the dials on the Higulator using the new touch screen panel. “All set and ready to get on our way. Do I have lift off Doc,” requested Alistair.

“Push the buttons Al my man,” replied Doc. And they were off in time once again.

“Well Hig,  once we have dropped you and the two tulips off both Al and I are going back home to 2013. I don’t think we will see you again. If you need me just post a letter. I’m sure you remember how Al got me back to 1965. It will be like the batman signal,” laughed Doc. “James Bond my man you seem very quiet. Have you time travel sickness?”

“No,” replied Bond. “I’m just thinking. I would prefer not to go back to 1963 and maybe head back with you and Alistair to 2013.”

“Let’s bring him back to 2013 for the craic Doc and we’ll book him into the Eldorado Hotel for the weekend. He might never want to go back to the 1960’s,” laughed Alistair.

To be continued…..

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