Message from a Hostel – Land of Maple Syrup

Maybe He's Irish

Well Nora would you belief it in the land of Yankee Doodle they are still asking if their current President was born there.  Where did you hear that Alistair, on CNN News that chap Anderson Cooper said so.  They are searching for his Birth Certificate Nora, who’s Birth Certificate, Anderson’s?  – No Nora, the President of Yankee Doodle Land.  You would think with all their fancy computers, homeland security gadgets and information that they would know where their own President was born.

Where was the President of the Land of Maple Syrup born, they don’t have a President Nora they have Queen, a Governor General, and Prime Minister.  Was their Queen born in the Land of Maple Syrup, Alistair?  No she was born in the land commonly referred to as the Mainland or GB, so what’s all the fuss over the Yankee Doodle President.

Well Nora they say he must be born in Yankee Doodle Land to be President, maybe he’s Irish like all those other Presidents that came from Ireland.

Any more interesting news on CNN Alistair, where was that President from Pasta Land born? Maybe if he was not born in Pasta Land he might not have to go to court so many times.

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