Message from a Hostel – Ladies-in-waiting.

The Manger and Nora were escorted out of the cell into the main manor.  The large room over looked a lake and there beyond in the distance stood Windsor Castle.  Within a few minutes two young ladies-in-waiting fearfully entered the room, knowing of the rumours travelling around the great manor of the witches that were captured. Their voices quivering “my ladies we are here to assist you in dressing,” they said.  They were immediately followed by several other lady servants with arms full of garments.  Carrying pitchers of hot water and followed by two man servants with two large floor bathing baths.

“Well Manager or should I say Lady Catherine, this is the feckin business. Servants, ladies-in-waiting, two handsome men and I’m going to get a good old back scrub,” said Nora with excitement.

“This looks better than the Sparking Hills Resort,” replied the Manager.

“Oh feck, I don’t have any of my oils,” said Nora.

“Oils my lady,” responded one of the ladies-in waiting.  She summoned a young girl over carrying a tray of rose petals and several small jars of essential oils.  “ I wonder do they have a distributor here at the castle?” asked Nora.

Meanwhile back in 2013 the Doc was pulling his hair out trying to find the Manager and Nora’s location and time zone.  Now that the Doc’s shed was gone, he had pieces of equipment lying all over the house.  When Alistair arrived he said, “Doc, the Manager won’t be pleased with the state of this place.”

“Al, my man I don’t think she will give two flying fecks, as long as I get her back here.

“Maybe Doc they’re having the time of their lives. Seeing Doc’s worried face he added, “they will appear back here with the travelling shed anytime now.”

“I know my Manager Al, and they would have being back here in an instant once the buttons were pushed.  The Manager would of reset the Higulator and come straight back.”

“You seem very sure Doc?”

“Yes Al.  It’s the first week of the month and the Manager gets all fired up about the business operations on the first week of every month.  She has not missed this week since I have known her. There is something up Al, I’m sure of it.  I feel in me waters.”

“Do you have any idea where they might be Doc?,” asked Alistair.

“Not a feckin’ clue Al, but I’m working on it.  Once I have this spare Higulator working and building this tracking system, I should be able to locate the Higulator from the shed to within one year and a 20 miles radius of where it is,” said Doc.

“You’re a genius Doc.”

“Up here for thinking, down there for dancing the Zumba,” laughed Doc as he starting throwing a few fancy dance shapes across the kitchen floor.

To be continued……….

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