Message from a Hostel – It’s time to go

Doc Higgins New ShedThat’s your job Doc.  After their antics of jumping all over us the last time, I don’t deal with anybody that’s lives in coo-coo land and I think both of them have a permanent residence there,” replied the Manager.

“I get your drift Manger,” laughed the Doc.  “Hey this is what I’ll do now. Watch and learn my friend,” said Doc as he got up and wiggled his fingers at the Manager and smiled in her direction.  Thinking to himself all the while, “we make a great team.”

King Henry VIII, Alistair and Nora were all suggesting ways to change different laws in the Kingdom.  “Tell us another one of the laws you have, that you think you might change,” Nora asked.

“I will add a tax to any riot in any county and double it if there are more than three in a year.  I will introduce a law to support Archbishop Cranmer that any monasteries with over 15 monks be sent back to Rome.  The villagers will get 1piece of bronze. I will have my royal council direct that sumptuary legislation be written up and I will sign them in my court in the morrow.”

“I think the old King has had a few too many,” James piped up from the corner of the room.

“Any chance you might give women the vote”, asked Nora.

“The vote,” replied the King.  “What is a vote? “

“Holy Feck,” said the Doc.  “Nobody votes yet Nora.”

“Tell me King of Navan, what is your view on the Lord of Offaly; I feel he could raise trouble.”

“Get Lord Darcy to sort him out and stick Lord St Ledger in charge,” the Doc immediately replied.

“Why did I not think of that,” answered the King.  “I think I will sack my advisory council and just drink wine and take better advice from all of you, for you have in the last two hours changed my Kingdom and made me a much richer king with Old Red socks’ gold.”

“Hey James, see that Higulator in the corner, could you and Alistair bring it over to me,” asked the Doc.  Nora and Lady Catherine, shall we show King Henry VIII a dance if we all join hands”

The Manger was quick to her feet. “ Right Nora, shall we, as they say in Castleblayney take to the floor?  I think we will all be dancing with the Higulator.” The Manager started to sing –It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. Madness takes its toll. But listen closely…..

“I‘m on for that,” replied Nora.  Nora added to the song ,“ and the void would be calling…Transylvanians: Let’s do the time-warp again.

The Doc shuffled over to the two girls and added “ It’s just a jump to the left. All…..and then a step to the right. Put your hands on your hips.

They all started to sing together….. You bring your knees in tight, But it’s the pelvic thrust. That really drives you insane. Let’s do the time-warp again. Let’s do the time-warp again.

At this point King Henry VIII who was full of wine was laughing and moving his body in the same rhythm as the Doc.

Alistair and James had the Higulator in their hands and passed it over to the Doc.  As they were all dancing in the Kings great room the Doc started to set the time dates on the Higulator.

The Doc then sang out loud “It’s so dreamy, oh fantasy free me. So you can’t see me, no, not at all. In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention, Well secluded, I see all. With a bit of a mind flip. You’re into the time slip.”

“Al and James hold onto the jammy dodgers and girls your thrupenny bits, You bring your knees in tight.
But it’s the pelvic thrust –
we are for home Ye haw”

To be continued…..

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