Message from a Hostel – It’s Really Slippy Out There

Davy Keogh says Hello

Alistair how to they stand up out there on the ice it looks really dangerous and slippy?.  Nora it’s an ice hockey game and they are all good skaters, look they can go backwards and sideways. How many are on each team Alistair?  Only five Nora. Well you could have fooled me Alistair there looks like fifty of them on the pitch, they all keep jumping over that little wall down there.

Alistair look there is a big guy selling teddy bears, hey mister have you any bears left? . Nora that’s the team mascot, he is dress up like that to get the fans shouting. He’s not doing a good job Alistair maybe you could have a go, like singing come on you boys in blue.

Alistair why did the referee say that bloke over there in the little box on his own was going to the toilet on the ice. No Nora, what he said was a 2 minute penalty for slashing on the ice. Same thing Alistair.

Next time we come here Nora we must bring a flag like Davy Keogh says Hello. You will be coming here on your own Alistair good try, Nora say bye bye.

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